Welcome to Russo Music Symphonic! Looking for Guitars? Click Here.

Welcome to Russo Music Symphonic! Looking for Guitars? Click Here.

Monthly Renewal

This is a reminder that your 5 month initial trial period for your Russo Music instrument lease will soon be expiring. As per your Lease-To-Own Purchase Plan contract, Russo Music will begin being billing your credit card a monthly lease renewal fee for each month that you retain your child’s instrument beyond the initial lease period. The amount that you will be billed is dependent upon the instrument you have leased. See below for pricing:

Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Bell Kit, Snare Drum, Violin, Viola (Sizes 10” through 14”) $28.00 per month
($33.00 per month with Liability Protection Plan)
Alto Sax, Oboe, Drum & Bell Kit, Cello, Viola (Sizes 15” through 16 ½”) $38.00 per month($45.00 per month with Liability Protection Plan)
Tenor Sax, French Horn, Baritone Horn, String Bass $68.00 per month ($78.00 per month with Liability Protection Plan)
Bass Clarinet, Double French Horn Euphonium $88.00 per month ($98.00 per month with Liability Protection Plan)

A few things to keep in mind regarding your Russo Music instrument lease:

  • How do you continue leasing your child’s instrument? The good news is that to continue leasing there is nothing more for you to do! For your convenience, your monthly renewal fee will be billed to the credit card that you provided with your initial lease contract.
  • As per your contract, all but $3.00 of each monthly payment will go towards the purchase of your child’s rental instrument if you choose to eventually own it. (Please note: the fee for the Liability Protection Plan does not apply towards purchase of your child’s instrument.)
  • If you wish to return your instrument and cancel your lease please click here to request a return authorization form and Russo Music will make arrangements for the pick-up and return of your instrument.

If you have any questions regarding your Russo Music Lease-To-Own contract please feel free to contact a Russo Music Rental Department representative at 609-888-0620. The rental department hours are Monday – Friday from 10am to 6pm. You may also contact the rental department via email at rentals@russomusic.com or via online chat at russomusicsymphonic.com. Russo Music would like to thank you for choosing to use our company’s services, and look forward to assisting you with all of your music related needs.

Welcome to Russo Music Symphonic!

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